Bringing Back the Classics

Not a single day goes by without me thinking just how many classic cars are sitting in a lawn rusting away into nothing but scraps of metal. Once beautifully displayed on a show room floor, polished from headlight to boot lid; classic cars are becoming extinct. It’s the time to restore and bring back our history, our culture!


I know my dream is to restore a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am, my all time favorite muscle car. It’s hard to think though that by the time I have the financial stability to restore a car, ’79 Trans Am’s will be too hard to find, to rusted for repair. This thought kills me inside; the fact there is a good chance I will not be able to polish my own Trans Am, give it the showroom shine. Many classics are facing hard times and are diminishing in numbers. Your dream classic might very well be dying in a yard in Michigan as it oxidizes it’s paint and metal away begging to be driven again. I will fight for this cause, arming my self with a microfiber rag, paint brush, and a sander. This cruel crime is up there with abandoning a child (maybe not that serious). Lets get the word out to the owners with an AMC Gremlin laying in their yard and get him to sell it! Get the Datsun 280 Z owner to put it in a garage and make a craigslist ad for it. These cars deserve to live and breath fresh air, have petrol run through their veins!

For a good example of beauty being restored take a look at this SEMA best in show winning, 1000hp 1966 Chevelle. It’s insanely detailed and powerful. Get a load of Jay Leno scooting around in this beast and try to hold back the tears that this could be that rust bucket in your neighbors yard but he wont sell it.

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