Miata Madness

“The Answer is Always a Miata”, Straight from mouth of Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire and /Tuned. Like many enthusiasts, I believe that the Miata can conquer any task you want a car to complete, maybe with some mods of course. The Mazda Miata is super light, near 50/50 balance, and can be easily modified. They are also quite cheap, considering that they’re littered everywhere! Take it around a track, race the lights, GT in the hills, tune it to the max; Miata is the answer to everything.

MiataSince its creation in 1989, the Mazda MX-5 Miata has been the poster child for modification. The cheapest way to get a V-8 into a tiny roadster. Popular engines that get tossed into a Miata include the 5.0 L Coyote from the Mustang and LS motors from the Chevy lineup. Miata’s that house V-8’s go like hell and will humiliate many other cars at the track. There also abundant comapnies out there that will tell you exactly what engine and how to put said engine in your little Miata. Many will argue that modifying a Miata will kill it’s integrity, but lets face it, the base model just does not have enough power. Don’t get me wrong though, the car is still exceptionally fun, it is just slow. Also don’t let anyone hate on you for owning a Miata, it’s not a chick car (maybe a little), it is a drivers car! This little 4-Banger has an amazing steering feel and handles like a dream. My opinion is that every car enthusiast should own a Miata once in their life, it is an experience that must be had.

Watch Matt Farah throw some around a track and witness tuning at its best.


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