Passion is a word that shouldn’t be thrown around lightly. It is meant to define an activity that completely encompass your interest and your heart. You don’t have to be good at your passion, you just have to care for it. In time you will succeed. Over here at Rev Junkie our passion is cars. Nothing else pleases us in such a way that the rumble of a V-8 or the curve on a body panel can. Cars are a form of completion; they bind the worlds of labor and art. We sculpt our masterpieces as Michelangelo once did. We care for them as we would a child. Most importantly, we take time out of our day to ensure our love for these machines. It joys me greatly to be able to write and post about cars and their beauty. Without cars, my life would be far less fascinating then what it is now. Though I drive a Stratus, I drive it as I would a Ferrari, with respect and love. My dream is to restore muscle era cars and drive them up and down the back roads while listening to their symphony. For Christian von Koenigsegg, he wanted to build super cars, it was his passion, and by god he followed it. Watch this astoundingly inspiring video on Christian’s creation of Koenigsegg and tell us in the comments what your passion is.

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