Tesla’s Never Ending Battle for Correct Business Practices

Tesla is a revolutionary car company; electric luxury cars that go hella fast. They make their cars with renewable resources, run on pure electricity instead of hybrid, and my favorite aspect of the company, Tesla sells directly to the consumer. I don’t know about you guys but when ever I want a car I don’t want a huge MSRP from the dealer ship, unless you like going there and getting bad coffee and vending machine food. Well good thing I prefer Starbucks, especially the Starbucks located to my local Tesla store. Tesla is cutting down MSRP’s by selling directly to the consumer. Many states are fighting this selling process due to dealership contracts they have. If you are in any of those states, respond! Fight the high price of cars and allow proper ethics to take hold!

I have included a link to a site where you can see if your state allows the sale of Tesla automobiles. If your state does not yet sell Tesla vehicles fight it. If Tesla is already banned, contact your legislators lets get this into action.



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