Too Loud for The Nürburgring? What Has the World Come To?

Jim Glickenhaus, the financial mogul and creator of some bad ass cars, had one of his new cars black flagged from the Nürburgring during the VLN race. The pathetic reason of being too loud. Come on, are they really banning a car for being too loud? This is like banning a swimmer because his splashes are too loud. A huge part of motoring is the sound of the vehicle, the connection it provides you with car. Sound is one of the main buying points of a car, if it doesn’t sound great we ain’t buying it! I would understand if Glickenhaus’ SCG 003 was a road going car and this beasts roar was disturbing children at night, but it isn’t. It is a full blown race spec car that should be allowed to sing its song from its pipes. Well besides this tragedy, Glickenhaus has stated that he will modify the vehicle to sound quieter so he can continue to compete at the Nürburgring. Glickenhaus did basically win an award at VLN, the award for most bad ass car, for getting barred due to sounding utterly amazing. Not to mention, the race was stopped due to the death of a fan, caused by an airborne car crashing into the wall.


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