Aston’s Going the Alternative Route: 1,000 HP Electric Rapide

15-2014-aston-martin-rapide-s-fd You heard right folks, the big V-12 producer is going to make a fully electric car. Aston has always been the pioneer of massive V-12’s and with stricter emission regulations always creeping down manufacturers backs, Aston has to form a game plan to keep its customer base and those monster engines. We have seen failed attempts by Aston in the past to tackle these emission problems, like the god awful Cygnet, that looked like a luxury Smart. Luckily they now have a viable plan to keep those twelve cylinders breathing fumes, electricity.


This new venture will entail Aston’s very first, fully electric car. It will be based of the Rapide S, which in my opinion, is beautiful! When the words “four door electric sports car” come to mind it seems to ring a bell, Tesla better be watching over their shoulder. The Rapide S is an Aston, and being an Aston means that it is one of the most beautiful cars out there. Though the Tesla is very attractive, it can’t compete with Aston Martin’s long heritage of beauty. To dig Tesla’s grave from 3-ft to 6-ft will be this cars power plant. Andy Palmer, the CEO of Aston Martin, said it will have around 1000 horsepower. These figures might change in the time between now and the cars expected release in two years, but Palmer is insisting that he will not be making inline fours, thank god. Also, guess what you get when you take a V-12 out of a car. A huge amount of weight, just gone, meaning a hell of lot of space for batteries. This man, Andy Palmer, has plenty riding on his shoulders with this company; do you want to be responsible for the downfall of Aston? No, I thought not. I say, long live Aston Martin, and if that means an electric power monger, I am all for it. Tesla will finally get some real competition, *cough cough*, *Fisker*.


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