Rumble Retreat

Are internal combustion engines dying in the near future? Are the V-8 rumbles going to fade away into electric hums? After Volkswagen’s annual conference many heads were hung low at the thought of gas powered engines leaving this world. They stated that the Volkswagen’s roster (including the companies they own) will try switching over to a fully electric/hydrogen fuel cell lineup. NOOOOOOO! I live for the sound of downshifting or idling at a stoplight. Will this mean Audi R8’s will stop sounding like monsters and cry like teddy bears? Very likely it seems. It wont happen anytime soon, but it will happen, and it’s sad to think about, but I have to support it. Obviously our world is dying and we need to start taking car of it and producing huge naturally aspirated V-12’s isn’t going to cut it anymore. I hope some how we retain the beautiful sounds of cars today because electric humming just is not going to cut it.


VW has a plan to develop hybrids, plug-in hybrids, full-electrics, and fuel-cell vehicles (if they somehow perfect the technology, this would be really cool). Audi and Porsche are no exceptions either; Audi already has the R8 eTron and Porsche has the 918. Do you really need to take away our super cars man? Here is my solution, all these companies should take their standard, not performance oriented cars and make them full-electrics or fuel cell and leave the performance cars alone. Their impact is so small on this planet it would be fine. This is not very economically viable, but damn, this is what needs to happen. Bring on the electrics but don’t touch my exotics, please.

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