The Death of Scion

Toyota has recently announced the death of it’s youth oriented brand. In some ways I’m quite happy, others not so much. It was decided that Scion was not gaining enough sales or attention thus the decision was made to disable the brand. Scion lived a short but somewhat meaningful life. This little brand was created back in 2003 and introduced America to such quirky yet awesome cars such as the FR-S and xB (those really being it).

Scion xB death

Back to what I was saying about┬ábeing excited about the death of Scion. Toyota now can fully focus on its current line up and release some more enthusiast oriented cars without having to worrying about how to badge it under Scion, which in many ways was wasted effort. Though Scion is getting chopped that does not mean the beloved FR-S will go away because Toyota will be absorbing most of it’s line up. Actually the entire line up except for the dreadful tC will come back to Toyota and the tC will finally die the horrible death it deserves (sorry, just ranting a bit). Now on to the downsides of Scion dying. The only thing that I will truly make me remorseful from Scion going away is the hopes of more funky cars! If Scion was allowed to create the crazy, quirky cars that built the brand, there is a good chance that they would still be around. Now that they’re being dissolved I feel as if I will never see another low riding box on wheels and it’s a bit depressing. It is true, I am more happy that they are being absorbed into Toyota than trying to suffer through the tough market as they have been the past few years. Best of luck to Toyota and lets hope that we will start seeing neon boxes driving down the street in the near future.

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