“Next year, Ferrari’s ass is mine.” — Shelby

Carroll Shelby said these words after losing to Ferrari in the 1964 World Sports Car Championships. Car culture is revolved around comparing everything on an automobile. Ever since Karl Benz’s creation of the first car to the beautiful Pagani Huayra, cars have been influencing our lives on too many scales to list. They are transportation, sport, art, memories, time capsules, showmanship, stress relievers, smile creators, this list could go on and on if need be. Generation after generation, motor vehicles ranging from cars to trucks to go-carts, continue to push boundaries of styling, performance, and driver feel. It doesn’t matter which car you choose to own, it matters why you chose to own it. What’s the story behind your car? Whats your experience growing up with cars? How have they influenced your life?!

Car enthusiasts don’t drive to work, they corner and apex to work. They don’t start up the engine, they ignite a passion. Enthusiasts don’t paint on canvas in their house, they splatter the garage floor in motor oil. We talk about every inch and detail of our daily driving drift machine (your dads old BMW 323i). We listen to the soundtrack of gurgles and pops instead of the radio. At gas stations you not only pump gas, you top off your fluids and check the tire pressure because coming out of the corner by your house didn’t feel, just right. We defy the Ferrari poster boys and take as much pride in our Mitsubishi 3000gt as we would an F12. Car culture is an art and it deserves as much obsession, respect, and acknowledgement as any other art! Especially because everyone has a car, cars are in everyone’s lives. Appreciation of cars is needed and our community will continue to spread the joy because it is our passion!

This blog is for the enthusiast if you can not tell by my “cars are beautiful” rant. Yet you don’t need to be knowledgeable of cars to participate in the forums or posts, only thing needed is an understanding, open mind, and appreciation to the vast world of motoring. On this site you will be able to browse not only the Cars Collective page, which will collect cars news all around the web and bring it to your homepage, but partake in the Cars Community page and post about your personal experiences. Like the time you pulled the handbrake in your Solara picking up your prom date, or plasti-dipped your wheels wrong and had to do it over again. Anything goes, as long as it shows your passion for the world of cars. Browse your Road and Track, your Motortrend, your /Drive, then come share and talk about it! I want to be able to share the enthusiasts passsion with a community that cares as much as I do.

(This blog is new and I understand that. With participation and site traffic I will start up my own site with a domain and more freedom and content. In the mean time I need to see interest from my fellow motor heads, let me see a community grow and thrive like it should. Share our opinions and become friends. Cheers to cars and the community that they entail.)

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