Racing Without the Risk

It’s the dead of winter, your car is sitting in your garage avoiding the snow drifts and salt patches. You start getting anxious because you can’t drive your car, you can’t race down some winding roads. Good thing there is a remedy to this sense of claustrophobia, the wonderful world of video games. For years racing games have been pertinent in the video game market with such title leaders as Gran Turismo and Forza. Racing games usually range from simulators to action based racing. Personally, racing games such as Gran Turismo have taken many hours away from me, but there is nothing to be ashamed of. They allow me to expand my passion and knowledge for auto-sport and cars in general. Lets break down some genres and titles and become a little more acquainted with these amazing games.

Gran Tursimo Pagani Lets start off with the big sellers, the “Just for Fun” racing games. I am going to define this genre as such that the main focus of the game is to race. A great example that everyone should know and love is Mario Kart. Though it does not involve cars that we can go buy and fantasize about owning, it promotes competition and great fun with your friends. I do have to admit, a few controllers have been thrown due to this game, but none the less this game is a great beginner racer that is fun for everyone. After some gruesome Wii competition why not wind down and play some games with real cars in them. Games like Blur, Grid, and Midnight Club allow for people to get into the enthusiasts universe. Mass customization and speedy game play make these games a real seller. Why not take a 1963 Corvette Stingray, throw it around San Diego, and throw some neon and NOS in it? It is just plain fun! Next would have to be the simulator based titles, with such games as Gran Turismo and Forza. These games aim to be more of a serious feel with real cars and unmolested driving experience. Gran Turismo is probably the closest thing to actual racing you can get without physically driving. Engineers and game developers take thousands of hours getting every detail down within the cars characteristics to ensure a proper driving feel.

Thrust MasterInstead of seeing all of the news stories of cars flipping over guard rails and people getting injured, lets just stay inside with some good coffee and race our hearts out. Plus, where else could you drive a Pagani Zonda? Thought so.


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