Porsche’s Track Monster, the 2016 911 GT3 RS Specs Were Leaked

In the automotive world leaks are like candy before dinner, and this one is the best damn piece of chocolate I have ever had! The 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (geez that’s a mouthful) will be harboring a 4.0 L naturally aspirated flat six, supposedly pumping out 500 hp and 340 pound feet of torque. The last generation of the GT3 RS had a horsepower rating of 493, the new model is not a huge jump in power but being able to rev up 8800 rpm is going to be a hell of a joy ride. The new engine is supposedly going to the new platform of the future turbo engines, a jump up from the current 3.8 L models

Porsche 2016 leak

Rear wheel drive only, but that’s OK, it makes things exciting. One thing that is a little disappointing is the lack of a third pedal, in its place though, the wonderful PDK dual clutch that has conquered the title of perfect transmissions. The car will also be wider by a few inches and ride on 265’s in the front and 325’s in the back (wider than the Hellcats, wow they need to fix that.). Aggressive looks dominate this 911 making anyone want to drive it, even if it might go fast enough to rip your face off.

Pop on over to the publisher who released it to get the documents and a more in depth look, all I know is that I am excited and the world should be too.


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